Rhino.io export from C4D?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Macray,

> to keep the history intact does not always work, even
> when trying around with nothing else in the scene. It
> works most of the times but not always. I'll try to
> remember this the next time i run into it and send
> you the scene.

Now I remember - one way that could potentially happen is if due to your edits the sweep would generate more than one output object, like 2 pieces in separate sections where a curve that bends around in 3D is coming to a kink. The history mechanism right now doesn't know how to deal with this situation of a command generating a different number of output objects than it did originally. So for now for that kind of situation you would need to re-run the Sweep command.

> What I recognized - if I mirror the extruded model and
> rework the path on the original sweep it also changes the
> mirrored copy. If I just copy the sweep object - the copy
> is not changed, when changing the path spline of the
> original. Is this intended behaviour?

Yup, that's intentional that mirroring has history updates turned on by default but some other various commands have it turned off by default.

You can change whether any particular object will update or not by using the Edit > History command. So for example to stop the mirrored object from updating you can select it, then run Edit > History and click the "Disable update" button. After that it won't get updated anymore when its source object is edited.

> the same goes for that I'd like to have normal copies
> change when the original is manipulated sometimes...)

So for this one you also use the Edit > History command but instead click the "Enable update" button. So for example if you use the Transform > Copy command to make a duplicate of an object, select the new duplicated object and then run Edit > History and click "Enable update", and then when you edit the original the copy will update after that, until you do some kind of edit that breaks the history chain.

So note that you select the object that will be updated (like the result of the copy, or the result of the mirror) when you run the Edit > History command to do this stuff, not the original source object.

> and in that regard: is there a way that once setup
> roundings on a spline can be deleted without redrawing
> the spline?

Hmm, I thought that the fillet command could be used for that, but it seems to break history updates right now. I think that should be something I can fix up for v3.

> Is there a possibility to switch the two points of rounded
> corners to behave as corner points?

Right now the way to switch a point between corner and smooth types is to insert a new point of the kind you want with Edit > Add pt and then delete the previous one. That should end up with the same result as switching the style of the single point.

In v3 I do want to make an easy way to switch a selected point between those styles though.

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- Michael