Rhino.io export from C4D?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi macray - no it's not possible to export from Cinema4D into MoI, because the objects that you create in C4D are made up of polygon mesh data.

MoI does not work on polygon mesh data - MoI works on NURBS surface data.

This may be a bit confusing, because Cinema4D happens to use some tools named NURBS in some of its construction tools, but it's still generating polygons as the final result.

It's possible to export from MoI to Cinema4D, in which case MoI will break up the smooth NURBS surfaces into polygons. But once you've got a model in polygon mesh form where it is made up of a lot of little facets, it's not very easy at that point to go back to large smooth NURBS surfaces like MoI is designed to work with.

The Rhino.io plug-in for Cinema4D that you mention is not going to help you because it is only going to store polygon mesh objects in 3DM files that it generates, and MoI does not read polygon mesh objects from 3DM files, MoI only reads NURBS objects from 3DM files.

> My main concern in MoI is that sometimes it works: model
> the profile and path spline and afterwards, when adjusting
> the path the extruded 'pipe' is changing along. BUT this doesn't
> always happen, no clue why.

This will happen if you do some other operations on the sweep result, like if you boolean the sweep with another object. Currently that will break the history chain and you will lose the ability to update the sweep by editing the path after that.

But if you don't do any other operations on the sweep after you create it, then it should stay editable and update when you edit the path curve.

So if that kind of editability is important to you, avoid doing any other operations to the result of the sweep and you should then still have the history updating intact.

- Michael