strange export

 From:  Michael Gibson
4070.2 In reply to 4070.1 
Hi eric, if I remember right Octane is somewhat sensitive to the scale of the objects that it likes.

Maybe try scaling your model down by 1/10 in size and maybe also move it to be centered around the origin, your object is a little ways off to the right of the origin currently.

Does it work better in Octane when it is centered around the origin and shrunken down in size a bit?

Maybe Octane is not automatically fitting the view to see the object, if the camera in Octane is looking only at the 0,0,0 origin point your object probably will not show up on the screen. Is there a "fit to view" or "view reset" type function in there that you can use to relocate the camera to focus in on your model?

I cannot find anything actually wrong with your model or with the OBJ export data itself, the OBJ file saved out from your model seems to go fine into Cinema4D for example.

- Michael