For anyone point-modeling from spheres...

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
You all probably know this already, but just in case...

The Primitive solids in M.o.I. have a certain number of pre-defined points, but spheres imported from other applications such as Rhino or Amapi may have a different number of points inherently or they may be altered in other apps to have more or less points prior to M.o.I. import.

Consequently, if you "pull points" like I recently discovered I love to do, a higher point density sphere may be just what you want as a primitive starting point.

I've attached two files to this message, the first is an image showing you this difference in M.o.I. between a "M.o.I. sphere" and a higher-point-density imported sphere. The second file is a M.o.I. "3dm" file of just the higher-point-density sphere for your enjoyment.

"Pull away!"


3dvisuals dude

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