¿how can I make a ramp in the shape of snail?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi diego, you'll probably want to use the Sweep command to build a shape like that.

Start by making the path curve using the Helix command, it's under Draw curve > More > Helix.

Click the "Tapered" option inside of the helix command to allow setting a different radius at the top and at the bottom of the helix.

Then after you have checked that "Tapered" option, you pick 2 points to define the central axis line of the helix, which will set the height from the base to the top - use "Distance constraint" to set the 2nd point to a specific distance if you want, by typing in the distance value that you want before doing that second pick.

Then after you have placed the axis line you will then pick a radius for the bottom and then a 2nd radius for the top, that will give you a path curve looking like this:

Then draw in a circle curve and select the circle to use as the profile curve, run the Construct > Sweep command, and pick that tapered helix as the path curve, to make something like this:

Hope this helps!

- Michael