How to create a shaped fin?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Curt, well you don't quite have enough information in just this one profile to create a full smooth shape out of it. Or maybe the way I should say it is more like you have too much going on in that one profile to use it to surface with in just one single pass.

One problem with your profile is that it has some sharp corner points in it, in these spots:

Sharp corners like that tend to be difficult to incorporate directly into a single smooth surface, because sharp and smooth don't really go together in a single sweep very well.

You need a more simple shape than that for creating your surface initially. Depending on how you want it to look you might try building 2 different surfaces, one for this part:

And then one for this part:

And then boolean those together. That would give a kind of 2 component structure.

Or depending on what kind of specific shape you want, if you want something that looks more like one big piece with a sharp corner taken out, then you actually want to model it like that as well, starting with a larger extended surface more like this:

Then boolean away the sharp cut out area from that by drawing in some lines shaped like a V and using them as the cutting objects in the boolean operation.

Do you possibly have any kind of concept sketch for how you'd like those sharp areas to look in the full 3D shape? Right now it's not exactly clear how the 3D shape should look.

- Michael