How to create a shaped fin?

 From:  Curt (CLOLSONUS)
I would like to create a vertical stabilizef for a flying wing design I've been working on. I have the desired fin outline as an eps file which I've attached.

I've been able to import the eps file into MoI and see the shape and all the curve points.

I could probably get by with generating a planar, but what I would *really* like to do is give the shape an "airfoil" type cross section. I'm struggling with how I could approach this in MoI.

Do I need to abandon or subdivide my imported eps outline into a couple curves? I'm trying to get my head around how I would do this though given that the fin outline is a pretty complex shape.

You guys have really helped me out with my previous questions, but I still have a lot to learn about MoI and 3d modeling in general.

I'll keep playing around with it in the meantime ... I just had another hair brained idea while I was typing this question. :-)