UI tweaks for *your* workflow?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, yeah that's something else to keep in mind as well.

Cinema4D is currently in Release number 12.

MoI is currently in release number 2.

I agree that it sure would be cool that MoI in release 2 would have all the same amount of functionality as some other app in version 12, but I mean come on, let's try to be at least a tiny bit realistic please.

It takes time to develop things like a good UI modification system. Being a single person working on MoI means that I have to make some tough decisions on prioritizing things - and some things like UI modification just do not have as high of a priority as other issues like having an initial UI design that is easy to use and streamlined.

As time goes on I do expect to have all kinds of other stuff added into MoI, including UI modification.

Currently if easy UI modification (like arranging palettes and moving buttons around) is the highest priority for someone, then MoI is not the right tool for you, come back in some future version when I have had time to work on that particular area.

- Michael