UI tweaks for *your* workflow?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jason, I find your comment confusing, particularly this part:

> I'd like to see MoI become more context sensitive and
> develop SMART tools, not more tools.

This has already been a major focus for MoI, and it's a big reason why MoI's UI is much more streamlined than Rhino's.

There are many commands in MoI that are context sensitive based on what you have selected before you run the command.

Filleting is a big example - the Fillet command does different jobs depending on the context of the current selection when you launch it. This enables 1 command in MoI to do the equivalent of 4 commands in Rhino (in Rhino: Fillet, FilletEdge, FilletSrf, FilletCorners).

So that's already a big focus area in MoI to make commands context sensitive and to get more use out of a smaller number of commands. It's actually a big part of my development strategy - if someone suggests something that makes an existing command more powerful by enabling it to be used in a new way, I put such work at a much higher priority than adding in completely new commands.

So yes, I'm afraid I have to flame you for your post because it is inaccurate, and you're suggesting that I do things that I have already put a big focus on.

UI modification is completely separate thing from context sensitivity. I do plan on doing some work for UI modification in the future, it just has not been a big priority yet. Cinema4D is a pretty poor comparison, because Cinema4D is a program that has a tremendous number of different features in it, something like that is a lot different (and more needing of UI customization) than a more focused and streamlined app like MoI.

I'm afraid you're just way far off...

- Michael