UI tweaks for *your* workflow?

 From:  Jason (JCLARK)
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I'm sure I'll be getting flamed for this post... but here goes.

You won't find me digging out html and script code to customize a UI. I can't be bothered. This day and age most of that should be standard in the UI should be accessible clicking a command button or drag and drop, something. Sure for routine based workflow maybe, like modo's toolpipe. A tool mapper to a key is fine too, again this is a UI element not me trying to write scripts.

For a lot of UIs I use I will test against Cinema 4D as a baseline. C4D is very easy to configure and easy to add scripted buttons and such to the UI.

Unfortunately, you won't find me giving praise to the MoI interface because quite simply I don't like it. I understand the choices Michael made and I disagree with them. I don't like that I can't move buttons and UI elements at will or dock panels this way or that way. I find the UI in MoI quite archaic, a throwback to windows 3.11. Don't get me wrong, it's not like I like Rhino either as it's just a cluttered mess and far too many tools that could be just consolidated to fewer commands.

To be blunt the MoI interface is lacking considering the current status of UI design and modification found in C4D, modo and heck even Maya now. If Maya can do it, MoI can do it.

I'd like to see MoI become more context sensitive and develop SMART tools, not more tools. Look at current CAD systems, like Pro/ENGINEER. I can't do a vast amount of surfacing yet the actual tool depth is maybe a dozen tools. The fact that the tools are smart and adapt to the intent is what makes it powerful. I don't want to see MoI go the path of Rhino and trying to remember hundreds of commands.
- Jason
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