UI tweaks for *your* workflow?

 From:  Jason (JCLARK)
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I had a reply, accidentally hit my mouse and lost it and then it gave me time to contemplate my reply and if it was worth it.

So instead, no I decided instead to say that I apologize I've offended you. It appears my comments and suggestions regarding the UI have really ruffled the feathers and reading your words you have a very definitive focus and intent on how you've set your course with the MoI UI and its customization thereof.

Because you find my suggestions silly and ridiculous (even though I have years of experience testing and using a variety of UI) I'll defer let things be as they may. For the record, I just finished using MoI for a complete reverse design from photos, sure it doesn't make me a MoI power user but I feel I do know the software.

I don't like using forums to relay comments due to the brevity nature in writing on forums (who can afford to write and read essays). My fault, for cutting to the chase and allowing some assumptions regarding existing workflow to not be recognized fully. So I will make this my last post.

MoI is a nice cute app and suffers few technical problems, a measure of quality for sure. My congratulations on making a solid working app that doesn't leave a user frustrated with instability. May you have continued success with it.

A good day to all.
- Jason
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