UI tweaks for *your* workflow?

 From:  Jason (JCLARK)
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I think some of what I wrote is being taken out of context.

> I'd like to see MoI become more context sensitive and
> develop SMART tools, not more tools.

This is a general statement. Rhino adds lots of functionality but at the expense of more commands. Not always, but a lot of the time. I like how the fillet operation works, and that's a given and forgive me for not citing specifics.

Regarding contextivity (not a real word), I think there is improvement as we covered in another thread where base on objects I pick that I can issue commands without mousing over to another menu. Similar to other 'right click' command menus, or hotboxes etc there are ways to have a command control where the mouse is.

I don't think my comparison of C4D is wrong, and did I not mention modo? modo started as a modeler but it had modular windows and toolbars from day one. As far as inexpensive software with configurable UIs you could look at 3D Coat, SILO, and possibly others.

I will look at the shortcut key, due to my ignorance I didn't spend a lot of time to review it.
- Jason
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