New Member says thanks and hello!

 From:  3dvisuals dude (ODWYERVISUALS)
Hello everybody,

I've been lurking around in here since I first discovered (and fell in love with) M.o.I. back in early December or so, and I've decided to take the plunge and come out of hiding!

First, I want to express my heartfelt thanks and admiration for Michael... I am truly astonished at the magnitude of what you have accomplished so far and the pace with which you have done so...
it is awesome... and you are genuinely inspiring.

I have a few attachments I've made for you specifically and for others here in general, especially for all those other "lurkers" who like myself took to long to join in the fun. Perhaps something I post here may just well draw a few more of them into the light... I'm sure going to try!

For any of you who are new to this N.U.R.B.S. type of modeling... prepare yourself for a very short learning curve and more fun than traditional Polygonal modeling has ever given you. There are MANY things you can do with just a few strokes in M.o.I. which would take you MANY hours of tedious work to attempt with a Polygonal modeling approach. Both approaches have their strengths, but for sheer speed I am VERY glad I discovered M.o.I, and so will you be!

Here's the first two images for Michael, then I'll post a few for the rest of you all.

- 3dvisuals dude