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 From:  Bob (PHOTON713)
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Good Morning, twofoot...

I too, am using 3D printed output from MOI for foundry casting in ductile iron. Can you tell me what material you are finding coming from your 3D printer is working best for foundry casting? I am presently using a SLA printer at a local engineering firm. I have found that if the foundry uses the air-set method of green sand casting, the output is excellent, but, the SLA material is fragile, and easily broken if not handled properly. The foundry is now requesting a split pattern for patternmaking and I'm a bit concerned about handling the 3d printed material if I continue to use the SLA printer. The printing company is hardening the output with epoxy to toughen it up. I had previously gotten a quote from one of the online service bureaus, printing in plastic, that was too expensive. Your samples look a bit smoother than SLA output.