Drawing winglets

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Curt, so also you wrote:

> If I could figure out some basic strategies for
> creating/blending/extruding? the winglet then I figure
> I can play around from there.

Extrude is for making a shape that just goes out straight in one direction.

For something that isn't just straight and kind of bends around, Sweep or Network tend to be the tools to use for stuff like that if you want to build it all as one surface, and sweep can be a bit easier to set up than Network.

Blend is more for creating a connector piece in between 2 existing surfaces.

It can be possible to create bendy stuff with Blend though too - the way that works is you would build 2 sections of the shape using some other tools, like here are 2 extrusions with one having been rotated into a different position:

Then Blend can be used to make a connector piece between them:

This is quite a bit more difficult to control though, and the resulting shape doesn't have quite the same kind of continuous gradual change that something like a sweep will have. So more often you would probably try to draw some guide curves to shape the sweep like in the previous post.

Sweep can be finicky in the spots where you collapse the rails together, it's fairly easy for the resulting surface to get sort of bunched up in those areas if the rails don't come together very well like if one rail is substantially longer than the other or things like that. So usually you don't want the rail curves to be too tremendously different from each other - the profile slides along them and if one curve is a lot longer than the other then that end of the profile is kind of sliding along faster than the other one, and you can get some bunching up along the side that is going slower.

- Michael