Create Special Spring

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Anis,

> I have tried sweep, but cant get suitable result.

Can you please attach the 3DM file of what you were trying to sweep? That would help me to see what might be going wrong with your specific case.

Most likely the tricky part for that shape will be getting the rail curve formed properly - that would be an easier task in a program that had some deformation tools where you could draw a straight helix to start with and then deform it - Rhino has some tools like that so that might be a good tool for making this particular kind of bent spring shape.

It looks like your spring does have 2 straight sections on it though, so those parts could be done with a regular helix. And possibly you could use the ToroidalHelix plug-in command for MoI and then trim out a 90 degree section of it to get the bent part. See here for the ToroidalHelix command:

But I guess that the bent portion you have there is kind of slanted? That may difficult to do properly.

- Michael