Option request for the sweep tool.

 From:  Michael Gibson
4029.4 In reply to 4029.3 
Hi Drakonsden,

> I have tried to put the profile on the path and I either
> get no results or a flattened 2D result.

When you put the profile on the path, it will be swept directly from its current location so that means that you also have to rotate it into the orientation that you want.

See the attached file for an example that should give you the proper result.

I understand now what you mean by picking the point though - you want to be able to pick the origin point for where the profile is located in relation to the rail in "auto place" mode. That is on my list of things to add to Sweep in the future.

For now though to get the result you were looking for you need to position things as in the attached file.

- Michael