Shortcut keys problem V2

 From:  Michael Gibson
4021.2 In reply to 4021.1 
Hi Rabbit,

> I can't seem to enter any of the "F" keys as a shortcut
> - the input box just wont accept them...?

Are you actually pushing the function key? Instead of doing that you need to type in the text, like type in F and then 1 to make the label "F1" in that key slot.

Similarly to enter in a shortcut for something like Ctrl+H, you don't hold down Ctrl and type H you actually type in the character 'C' , 't', etc.. to spell out Ctrl+H.

Does that help?

> Also, I have to double click in each of the text areas
> before the dialog will accept any entry, even if the cursor
> is shown as blinking in the text area, which I take to mean
> it is awaiting input..?

Hmmm, no that's not how it's supposed to work - you're supposed to be able to just single click on a spot to edit the text.

Do you possibly have any kind of software installed on your system that hooks into how edit controls work or anything like that?

- Michael