Repair Machine Part to Casting Part

 From:  Michael Gibson
4017.6 In reply to 4017.1 
Hi Anis,

> I have tried "delete" face but still need extra steps
> and manual tune up to get the final result.

Yes, that's normal that there will be a lot of manual tune up steps for this kind of work. If you need something more automated you might want to look at SpaceClaim, they have some specialized "de-featuring" tools. But I think those are more focused on removing things like fillets, I'm not sure that you're going to find a tool that will automatically repair an notched out area where you've got a lot of various pieces coming together like you've got here.

For repairing that area in MoI, the basic steps will be to delete the faces you don't want, and then you will need to untrim and retrim various surfaces, and then also construct some new surfaces as well.

There is a tutorial that covers this kind of object repair technique here:

In your case here, you can save some work by using the "ShrinkTrimmedSrf" command on some of the fillet pieces before you untrim them:

Take for example this fillet surface here:

If you untrim it (first use Edit > Separate to break it into an individual surface not joined to anything else and then select its trimming boundary by selecting one edge and then doing Ctr+A and then push delete), you will see this:

However, if you select the surface and run the ShrinkTrimmedSrf command on it before hand, it will cut off some of the excess area of the fillet for you, so that when you untrim it you will get this instead:

You can do the same thing for this piece over here:

This area on the other side where there are a bunch of little slivery surfaces stitched together is a much more difficult area to repair though:

Probably some of those bits are not just simple fillet surfaces. You may want to kind of leave that area for last and possibly try to model in some kind of new surface to fill that area in instead of trying to untrim the existing surfaces to get their natural extensions as with the other pieces.

- Michael