export option and unexpected result

 From:  Michael Gibson
4012.4 In reply to 4012.1 
Hi PP, so for your #2 - I tried to recreate your planes and I get a different result from you - here I what I get:

They all seem to be behaving the same over here...

Did you possibly create the skinny plane using some different method from the others? If it has a different kind of trimming curves or different underlying surface than the others that could cause a different in meshing.

Maybe you could attach a 3DM file of your planes so I could take a look at them.

And also just as a side note, the reason why you don't get exactly 1 unit sized polygons is that the "Divide larger than" acts as a tolerance value here, forcing divisions of things larger than that.

So for example in this case it gets divide in half first at the larger arrow, then again at the smaller arrow, etc.. until the results are under your distance value:

- Michael