export option and unexpected result

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi PP - also so for your #1 part regarding Angle - it looks like you're expecting a measurement from the center of a circle like this:

But that's not actually how the angle is measured - the angle is actually measured as the angle between 2 adjacent edges of the polygon like this:

The reason for this is that the mesher is meant to work on any kind of curved geometry, not only just circles, so it can't really focus on a measurement that only applies to a circular boundary alone (where there is some kind of separate center point taking part in the measurement).

Additionally as I mentioned before the angle parameter is also applied between 2 surface normals as well, and that also works in this way as a measurement more between 2 directions and not as a measurement from some other center point as you were showing.

Does that help to explain why the circle did not behave as you expected?

The way the formula for the measurement works on a circle is:
360 / your_angle = number_of_segments_in_outline , with rounding going up.

That measures your angle as the angle between the final segments, not the "sector angle" as I think you were looking at before.

- Michael