Collapsing edges?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Jim, could you please post the model file?

It generally helps to see the actual model file so that I could try some different techniques and give the best advice.

But probably what you would do there would be to delete that little face that you don't want and then put in a Blend surface to make a new smooth connection piece.

Here is some info on Blend:

You probably will need to use the Trim command to cut one of those edges into 2 smaller edge pieces and then do the blend as 2 surfaces since it only works on a pair of edges at a time.

But in general with NURBS modeling there isn't a way to just weld any 2 edges together and make the surfaces make a smooth connection, unlike with polygon modeling. Many times the edges in NURBS models are "trim edges" which are marking holes in a surface and not actually part of the surface itself and so therefore can't be dragged around or pushed together physically as you can do with edges in a polygon model. See here for some description on what "trim edges" are and how underlying surfaces work in NURBS modeling:

- Michael