Very sharp corners and fillets

 From:  Michael Gibson
4000.7 In reply to 4000.6 
Hi Burr,

> Is there any way to rebuild that corner patch to be
> tangent with the rest??? ( I think not without network
> tangent patches )

I think it is actually tangent to those other surfaces, but it ends up having some bunching together making a kind of a lump in the middle of it.

But no, right now there isn't a good way to rebuild a surface and also make it tangent - that is one of the tools that I want to work on for v3.

One thing you can do though is to switch the fillet option to Shape : G2 Blend instead of the regular circular type fillet, it kind of makes a better shaped corner in that area though, like this:

So if you do get a kind of mutated corner patch you can try switching that Shape option to some other fillet styles and one of those may possibly be better formed.

- Michael