Rhino SDK goes open source

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi adam, that's definitely interesting, but also maybe a bit misleading as well though.

As far as I know the RhinoCommon.dll piece that is being mentioned there is a kind of interfacing layer that makes it possible to write .NET plugins for Rhino. The interfacing layer handles communicating things to the underlying C++ SDK that is actually built into Rhino.

It sounds like they're hoping that plug-ins written with that system may be portable to Mac Rhino using Mono though, which is interesting.

But I'm not sure exactly why you think having this interfacing layer be open source is so significant though? It's not like all of Rhino is becoming open source, it's one particular interfacing library... It probably will be useful to some plug-in authors that are writing Rhino plug-ins though.

It seems like you may have interpreted this announcement to mean more than what is actually going on...

The OpenNURBS library is a lot different than RhinoCommon.dll - OpenNURBS is "stand alone" - the code it provides does not require Rhino to be present to run. That's unlike RhinoCommon.dll which hooks into the Rhino app directly and interfaces with it.

- Michael