script not working?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3993.2 In reply to 3993.1 
Hi Armin, the script seems to be correct there, I just tested pasting your same script into a shortcut key and it seems to work fine over here.

But you mention that you're editing the .ini file directly? If you add in a shortcut key using that method you've got to make sure to add it to the [Shortcut Keys] section of the .ini file, it can't just be pasted in anywhere.

Also if you're editing the moi.ini file, make sure to shut down all current running instances of MoI first before editing it. Since MoI writes settings to the moi.ini file when it closes, if you try to edit that file while some instance of MoI is running, your direct changes can get overwritten when that running instances closes.

You also might try putting it in using the Options dialog, under Options > Shortcut keys?

If you're still having problems can you please post your moi.ini file here so I can take a look at it?

- Michael