Flat Pattern in MOI / Import 3D DXF

 From:  Jose (JAMX2)
Hello. My name is Jose and I work for the Tech. Support Department of Alibre Design.
I have a customer who has created a model in MOI and wants a flat patterned representation of that model.
(Please see the attached file Ford2.3dm)
He is trying to flat pattern the bumper of the attached truck model. I had suggested he seperate the bumper model into several smaller parts so it would be easier to import into Alibre Design.
In Alibre Design, Sheet Metal Models have the ability to flat pattern. I was curious if there was a similar feature in MOI.
I had attempted to import the model into Alibre and convert it to sheet metal so I could flat pattern it.
I ran into a few instances of Alibre not recognizing bends from MOI models in our Sheet Metal Conversion Tool.

The Customer also wanted to know if there was any way of importing 3D Autocad Models (3D DXF etc.) into MOI.
He would like to use them as 3D reference figures for future models.

I appreciate any assistance you can offer me.