Moi generating toolpaths like Rhino does?

 From:  twofoot
Hi Michael (and everyone else). I've been researching a prototyping system to purchase, and have come across the Roland MDX-540. Great little machine.

From a Moi standpoint, it would be great if there was a third party add on that would allow toolpaths for CNC machining to be generated within Moi. Rhino currently has this ability through an add on called Mayka from You essentially "print" to the software from within Rhino. I'm not sure what has to be done to allow Moi to talk directly to Mayka, but perhaps the common 3DM file format that Moi and Rhino share would make it easier. I know you can export an STL from Moi and then import it into Mayka, but the whole import/export procedure is where errors tend to creep in. I tend to work at a .005" or better tolerance, so even small errors matter.

I like Moi and will continue to use Moi, I'm just looking to streamline my processes.

I have no idea how to program, so I won't even pretend. LOL

Just a thought!


EDITED: 18 Jan 2011 by TWOFOOT