From:  Michael Gibson
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And just to answer this part:

> Assembly modeling - fake it? Model everything in place?
> Model objects in one file and move them around? Model
> separately and bring them together? Lastly, model in Moi,
> export, and then assemble in my standard CAD tools?

You can use any of these or even use some combination of them.

If you have some relatively simple parts then just the "Model objects in one file and move them around" is a pretty straightforward method though.

If you start having some more complex individual parts or also if you have some parts that you may be wanting to re-use a lot in other projects later on, then that's when having things in separate files can be good.

But having more files kind of makes more things for you to manage and keep track of yourself also though. So if you have parts that are simple enough keeping them all in one file is kind of convenient.

- Michael