From:  mjs (MSHIDELER)
Coming from a strict mechanical cad (traditional type) in which the software was easy to throw parts together into assemblies (think Alibre, SolidWorks, etc), what method are those of you that appear to make assemblies in Moi using and how do you move parts to the right locations once modeled/imported?

I mean in the gallery there are things like an entire hospital room modeled including the hospital bed, or the set of motor cycle gauges, or full vehicles.

Is the 'best practice' for Moi to build all the parts of an assembly in-place and grouping each object set appropriately. Or is the approach to model each component in a separate file and then bring them together into one model and move them into place?

The approach for modeling that Moi uses is such a relief and gift of freedom from standard history based modeling (which I still need to use for various reasons) but being in the stricter world of mechanical cad tools I am looking through a tunnel right now rather than having my eyes actually opened fully, and I want them open!

Assembly modeling - fake it? Model everything in place? Model objects in one file and move them around? Model separately and bring them together? Lastly, model in Moi, export, and then assemble in my standard CAD tools?

Great gallery contributions by the way. anyone in there should be pretty proud!