Oh fillet engine, why do you hate me? =)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris, so the tricky part is that little surface that I shaded in red above has its edges manged enough that it is not able to be drawn in the shaded display which makes it hard to pick to get rid of it.

In order to get it you have to do a window select around it, a click won't actually be able to grab it since there is no shaded spot to click on.

Normally to do a window select you start in some empty area and drag the mouse, but when you are zoomed in close to a small area like this there is no convenient empty area to click on. There is a trick for such circumstances which is to hold down Shift+Control when dragging your window, that will avoid doing any regular selection on the initial click and instead go directly to window selection. Then you want to do a window selection starting from the left and going towards the right to do the kind of window that only grabs things entirely inside the window (starting on the right and going towards the left does a "crossing window" that grabs anything that intersects the window even partially).

- Michael