Oh fillet engine, why do you hate me? =)

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Sebastian, yeah the 9 from Illustrator is definitely not as clean as the other characters. But it doesn't seem to have any self-overlapping in it which I thought could have been the problem.

I think that the model getting messed up was probably a bug in some calculation in the geometry library that did not deal very well with having a small slivery surface fragment to deal with, I'll do some investigation to see if I can pinpoint the area. I have fixed up some problems with small fragments in the past in some various areas.

In the meantime though the Rebuild command can be used to help simplify curves like this (Rebuild command description here: http://moi3d.com/2.0/docs/moi_command_reference10.htm#rebuild )

The initial curve point structure looks like this (as you showed above):

If you select it and run the Rebuild command on it with a tolerance of 0.001 units, it will reconstruct them to get this result instead:

That's a much cleaner result - one of the things that's particularly better is that there are not so many internal corner points in it, so it can be edited better.

One of the problems with AI curves imported into MoI is that they're basically made up of little bitty bezier pieces stuck together, and if you edit the curve in MoI it can fragment into one segment for each piece, since those pieces have a kind of limited smoothness to one another (they're tangent where they meet but not curvature continuous).

There are a few different things I can do in MoI improve this - if I can find the bug that mangled things when processing that slivery piece that would be one thing, but I may also try to do some kind of automatic curve rebuild process when bringing stuff in from AI format or from font data. It would also probably help if I turned down the thing that dices up edited curves at curvature discontinuities and only diced things automatically at tangent discontinuities instead.

But before any of that is in place, it can be a good idea to do a manual Rebuild on stuff coming in from AI or from fonts.

- Michael