First 3D Printing

 From:  Bob (PHOTON713)
Good Evening, Michael...

Per your request, I have just received the two professional horseshoes that I created in MOI and sent off for 3D printing in .stl format. Wildwood Engineering of Walkersville, Maryland used the ZCorp 310Plus 3D, SLA printer and hardened the output with epoxy, after printing. Their prices were much lower than online quotes for SLA printing. A little sanding and both are ready to be sent to the foundry for prototype casting. I was pleasantly surprised by the toughness of the material. I am now more confident that the foundry will be able to produce ductile iron prototypes directly from this material. Using MOI, I was able to fine tune the distribution of weight to allow for the creation of a perfectly balanced horseshoe with exact center of gravity placement. Thank you, attached.