3D Poser man inside MOI ??? A solution Michael, please.

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Pierre, most likely the Quidam 3DM export was only creating polygon mesh objects in their exported 3DM files.

3DM files can contain a lot of different kinds of things, like NURBS solids, NURBS curves, dimension annotations, spotlights, polygon mesh objects, etc... But MoI only reads and writes NURBS objects from 3DM files.

> How is it possible to import 3d people in MOI to design
> with 3d human references

You can convert a polygon mesh object in OBJ format into a set of wireframe lines that can then be opened in MoI using the utility here:


So to use that export from Quidam or Poser as an OBJ file, then run that utility to load the OBJ file and write out a 3DM file - that 3DM file will contain curves in it with one line for each edge in the polygon model data. That 3DM file can then be imported into MoI to get a wireframe of the mesh data.

- Michael