3D Poser man inside MOI ??? A solution Michael, please.

 From:  SteveMacc (STEVEH)
I am a Solidworks user. There is an add-in that comes with Solidworks Premium called ScanTo3D. As it's name suggests, it is primarily designed to deal with point clouds coming from a 3d scan source. However it will read an OBJ polygon file and convert that to a point cloud. There are several subsequent options, but you can run a guided wizard that will attempt to create Nurbs surfaces from this cloud. However, the surfaces are untrimmed so you have to trim and knit yourself. I'm not sure of the utility of this as you end up with a Nurbs object that has no parametric history or dimensions and is therefore not really editable except with SW's deform tools. The main use I suppose is to use as a pattern for rebuilding.

Note that referring to add-ins in Solidworks is not the same as you might be familiar with. These add-ins are not (mostly) 3rd party but part of the DS product, it's just that you are able to load and unload parts of code if you need them or not (e.g. the renderer or the FEA tools).

I wouldn't even think of trying to import a Poser figure in to SW as a point cloud!!!

EDITED: 13 Jan 2011 by STEVEH