v2.0 Bug Fixes/Updates?

 From:  Michael Gibson
3964.2 In reply to 3964.1 
Hi Roger, there is one update patch here:

That adds a new function to .lwo export for use with Modo, and there are actually a couple of minor bug fixes in that patch as well.

But in general I try to avoid doing very major changes in an update patch because there is always a danger of making things worse with new bugs happening as a consequence from changes. This is particularly easy to happen with trying to mess with pretty sensitive areas such as booleans or filleting.

This is a lot different than with a beta - with beta releases it's a lot easier for me to make changes, with non-beta final release it tends to be better for me to be much more conservative about making changes.

> For example, there is some inconsistent behaviour
> in the Boolean functions - the initial use causes different
> results from subsequent use in the same session. Now this
> is minor but was wondering if it has been fixed?

I currently don't have any examples of this behavior, and its not very feasible to attempt a fix without being able to test the results of the fix. Just trying to fiddle with things sort of on a guess or vague description is a pretty easy way for regressions and new bugs to happen.

Do you have any example files that you can send to me so that I can try to reproduce the problem over here?

- Michael