G2 continuity completely manual with MOI? Without automation, only geometric constructions. Is it possible?

 From:  MR (FERROZZO2010)
Hello All!
It 's the first time I write in this forum. I want first of all, to congratulate Michael Gibson for giving life to this excellent software.
I am a designer and used for a long time Alias Studio. This software is extremely powerful but also extremely expensive! OK, there are also more precise software ... but they are still more expensive (ICEMSurf for example).
The strength of Alias, for example, is the ability to create "quasi-A-class" surface. But even the possibility of using a story editor who is very flexible and able to maintain continuity between the surfaces (G0, G1, G2,...) and it does while change the curves of origin... Other power related to history is to define the degree and the number of subdivisions of a surface (explicit control)! For professional use, these characteristics are essential.

OK, do not expect to find all these features in MOI, but maybe you can get close to the result using geometric constructions!
My question is for Michael: It is possible through the use of curves, projections and geometric constructions obtained manually (ie without the use of automatic control) G2 continuity between adjacent surfaces more (even among a untrimmed surface and an trimmed with different degree)? If this was understandable, later on, we could create a script that speed some of these lengthy procedures.

But with the experience and share it could get a good result and a correct approach to modeling with MOI (there are some principles that should always be observed!). Obviously the result should not be to get the same things at the same speed but simply to include a method for modeling because they are more mature rules and ideas that always have value, and even more in the professional field.
MOI users could achieve, over time, more satisfaction and MOI could grow in many directions.
I hope this is not a secret of you mathematicians (joke ^___^).

Best regards and wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to All ^__^