extrude request

 From:  Michael Gibson
3931.2 In reply to 3931.1 
Hi eric - it's possible to get a precise height like this on extrude by snapping on to one of the target surface's edges.

The extrusion itself is in a "track along line" mode, and while in this mode the "on surface" snap that lets you snap just to any arbitrary point on a surface in the middle of it somewhere is temporarily disabled. That's because when in this tracking mode the snapped point is projected on to the tracking line, and a point somewhere in the middle of a surface that then gets projected is often meaningless, especially on wiggly surfaces.

But the individual point snaps like End, Mid, Cen, or Quad are available when in this mode, so snap on to one of those points on the target surface's edges to get what you want.

Here's an example, here I am in Extrude and note how I move the mouse to one of the endpoints of the other surface's edges in order to snap on to the existing object's height, you will see a white projection line from the snapped point to the extrusion tracking line when this happens:

- Michael