From:  Michael Gibson
3925.2 In reply to 3925.1 
Hi eric - since that size readout in the properties panel in the upper right corner of the window needs to fit the numbers all one one line within the pretty narrow side pane UI, it does a larger amount of rounding on numbers that have more digits in them.

The way it works for feet & inches type display is if you have a number that is 100 or greater in size, that number gets displayed as feet only. Similarly for decimal display a number that is 100 or greater doesn't display any decimal points.

So it doesn't have anything to do specifically with whether its horizontal or vertical, but rather how large that particular number would be within the display.

If it didn't do more rounding on numbers that were larger, there would not be enough room to fit them all, here's an example of what it would look like with inches also displayed for numbers with 4 digits, you can see that it did not fit and the end of the last value was cut off:

One way you can get more detail is to click on that size readout line - that will open up an edit panel and there is more space for the numbers in the edit panel so they are displayed inside the edit panel with a lot more digits of precision:

Maybe in the future I can tune up that initial display to be a little smarter, something like omit the size label (the text that says "Size:" at the front) if that would make the numbers then fit within the space.

- Michael