A question about Hide

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi David, also you asked:

> And I think that if unhide command only unhide the
> previous hidden objects (not all included in no active layers)
> it was better. At least in my case. What do you think?

I don't think that this would work, it would be too easy for some objects to have no way of being shown easily if it worked like you describe.

Here's the kind of situation where it would not work - say you have 3 objects, and you select one of them and hide it. Now after a little bit you select a second object and hide it as well. Now later on you go to show objects - if it worked the way you are describing only one of the hidden objects would be shown and the one hidden before that would not be shown. But what if you wanted that first one to be shown, now there is a problem...

So to keep things simple, when you use the show function (clicking on the Edit>Hide button with nothing selected), it just shows all objects to ensure that you can have a simple way to get everything showing.

But that's also why there are some supplemental functions like Isolate (right-click) or "Show subset" (Ctrl+click) to help do some more selective operations.

- Michael