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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi David,

> Then, all the objects from all the layers appears, and then
> -in my computer- the hard disk begin to write, the memory
> is full and it spends any minutes until I can to desactivate
> all the layers again.

This basically means that your model is too complex for what your computer can actually handle. In such situations you probably need to break the model up into completely separate models rather than just separate layers, and only work on one piece of the model loaded into MoI at one time.

> And I think that if unhide command only unhide the previous
> hidden objects (not all included in no active layers) it was better.
> At least in my case. What do you think?

There are a couple of things you can do for this - one is if you know you want to show a particular object later on you can assign that object a name. That will then make that object show up on the Objects part of the Scene Browser and you can then show or hide that individual object by clicking on the eye icon there.

There is also a "Show subset" function of the Hide command, which you can activate by holding down the Ctrl key while you click on the Edit>Hide button. That will temporarily show all the hidden objects and let you pick just some of them and then push "Done" or right-click, at which point only those objects will be shown and all the other ones will go back to being hidden. This is the normal way that you would control only showing one particular object with the Edit>Hide button rather than just showing everything.

There is also an "Isolate" mode for Edit>Hide which you can activate by right-clicking on the Edit>Hide button. That will hide everything else except the selected objects, and this mode does keep a memory of what was hidden and shown at the time of the isolation so that when you do it a second time the original state is restored.

Note that for this isolate mode you select what objects you want to keep visible, instead of selecting what objects you want to hide.

So currently any one of those methods could help you - for the right-click isolate mode you could do something like this - select the object you want to hide, then invert the selection, then right-click on hide. Then later on right-click on hide again to restore the previous state.

It can be handy to put invert selection as a keyboard shortcut on the I key, to do that put the following as the command:

- Michael