fillet issues. Is it just me? =P

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Chris, so a radius of 0.05 on this edge here:

Is going to try to make a fillet that looks like this:

I created this one above by selecting those 2 faces there and breaking them apart from the main model using Edit > Separate, and then filleting their joined edge.

So there are a couple of different problems with trying to put a fillet on just that one edge on this model.

One is that it will open up a hole in the bottom spot here:

What kind of shape do you actually want there? Do you want an empty hole in that spot, or do you want to fill in that spot with a little planar piece? Or do you kind of want something smooth in there? To get something smooth would probably involve filleting a whole line of edges all the way down the shape or something like that.

Then there is another problem in the top area here:

So note that there's another hole up there with the other already existing smaller fillet pieces kind of hanging out over top of it like a kind of shelf. That's probably not what you want, but I'm not sure exactly what it is that you want here either. If you want something smooth you will probably need to put that small fillet on last, rather than having it already in place when you try to put in the larger 0.05 fillet along the vertical edges.

That would look something like this - put in your larger 0.05 fillet first:

Then once that larger vertical fillet is in place, you can then put in the smaller fillet on the very top edge, like this:

So note there that putting in fillets in this order of larger ones first and then smaller ones second makes that kind of rounded corner piece circled above. That's going to be hard to get if you do it in the reverse order of putting in the smaller radius ones before you do the larger radius ones.

> I'm still having problems, even when I try to
> construct the piece from scratch.

Could you please post your new model that you did from scratch? That may help me to give you some other tips.

But right now I'd say the main thing is to put your larger fillets in first before trying to do smaller fillets. And also I'm not quite sure what you're looking for in the final result shape near the bottom of that fillet, do you want it to terminate in a planar piece at the bottom, or do you want rounded corners going all the way down the sides?

- Michael