MoI textures?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Bill,

> The layer names opened in MoI as Styles names, but when I
> opened up the MoI lwo export file in modo the objects are listed
> as "object" followed by what appears to be a random numbers.

Those are object names that you are seeing in that case. If you have not assigned the object a name (note that the object name is a distinct different name than a layer name that an object can belong to) then it automatically generates names like "object1", etc...

> Is there a way to export the objects so that they are grouped by
> style and retain the style name?

Yes, the style names are preserved and are exported as material names to the LWO file.

So you'll want to look at the materials list (or it may be called a "surface" list or something along those lines, I forget exactly what) in Modo to see those names.

Your objects will be set up with Styles from MoI becoming materials in Modo, and the material assignments will be set up so that objects that in MoI were assigned to the style named "Red" for example, will be assigned to a material named "Red" in Modo.

- Michael