Lines shown on sweeps

 From:  Bob (PHOTON713)
Thank You, Danny...

I will try again to use the negative value. I was trying to use -1/32" as the depth thinking that the baseline was 1/32" below the surface. I'll work on that one. I also have one other requirement. I must also widen the inside top of each character (draft) to allow for removal from casting sand. Chamfering or scaling, and selecting the appropriate font without sharp corners should take care of that. The font I typically use rounds off the extremities nicely. Thank You for taking the time to go through the process of engraving the text into the surface. When working exclusively in beechwood, I would have to send off a sheet of 3/16" beechwood and have all of the potential text engraved. I would then have to scroll saw the text into the master. Adding the text in 3D was the last step in the process before sending off the .stl file for 3D printing and off to the foundry.

I have frequently used the frame feature to rotate parts of the shoe, particularly the thumb calk that has to be made to fit the contour of the surface prior to attaching it.