Couple of questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ed, re: Booleans and styles - you can also apply the style to the cutting object before doing the Boolean. The pieces that descend from the cutting object in the result will inherit that one's style.

For example if you set up styles on a box and a sphere like this:

Then if you do a boolean difference and use the sphere as a cutting object, the result will look like this:

> But you gave me an idea, and its to select all the faces
> and then ctrl deselect the faces I dont want!

You can do that (you don't need to actually hold down ctrl unless you're doing a window area type selection), or also initially select the faces you don't want and then use the Invert selection command to flip the selection to the other faces inside that same object.

There's a button for that under the Select tab on the side pane, or also it's pretty handy to set on a keyboard shortcut so you can push the I key to invert the selection. To do that go to Options > Shortcut keys, and add in a new entry. For the key part put in I (or whatever you want to trigger it), and for the command part paste in the following: script:moi.geometryDatabase.invertSelection();

If you have sub-objects selected, then the invert command will only flip selection to the other sub-objects within that same parent object and won't change selection on other separate objects.

- Michael