Couple of questions

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Ed,

> Ive been wondering if there is a script or something
> that can move things progressively.

Check out these posts, the first one has a bit of a description on a manual process for moving slices, and the second one has a script that can help to automate that:

That may possibly apply to what you are doing as well.

> The other question is if there is any way select only the
> edges or faces of various objects with nothing preselected.

Not with the mouse - for selecting a sub-object with the mouse you need to first select the full object before it will do the "drill down" for selecting sub-objects on the second click.

You can select edges or faces using the Scene browser though - for example to select all edges go to the Scene browser "Types" section and click on the text label for the entry labeled "Edges" there. Also if you find yourself wanting to select the same set of edges or faces over and over again, assign them a name and then an entry will show up in the Objects section in the scene browser for them and you can select them by clicking on their name in that spot.

- Michael