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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi eric, I don't really know exactly what is involved with producing 3D PDFs directly - but I think that it's not easy to just add in support by coding it directly, I believe that a separate library has to be licensed to make that happen.

So because of that, it kind of makes things more complicated for me to add stuff like that in.

One good solution that exists currently is the $99 Simlab Composer 3D PDF version:

> ... maybe when you include the ability to print a model to a device?

Well, that's kind of the problem - the 3D PDF stuff is completely different than 2D PDF stuff, there isn't really any kind of relation between producing 2D printed output and producing 3D PDF output. So it's not really something that I'd expect to do along with print output because it is so unrelated to print.

- Michael