move problem

 From:  Michael Gibson
39.2 In reply to 39.1 
Hi Kevin,

#1 - You can't really move a face around in MoI in the way that you do in a polygon modeling program. MoI objects just don't squish around like polygon models. You can move the face by selecting it and using "Separate", which will detach it from the solid object, then you can drag it around. But this is probably not what you want, because the other parts of the object won't pull around with it.

In MoI, instead of pulling faces around to alter a shape, you instead draw curves and construct surfaces from them that have the types of shapes that you want.

It might help me to understand what you're talking about if you could post a sample model or screenshot that shows what you're trying to do.

#2 - I'm sorry, I don't understand this one, could you explain it some more?

#3 - Use this:

[Shortcut Keys]
Ctrl+1=script:moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'Split';
Ctrl+2=script:moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = '3D';
Ctrl+3=script:moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'Top';
Ctrl+4=script:moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'Front';
Ctrl+5=script:moi.ui.mainWindow.viewpanel.mode = 'Right';

It looks like using Alt is broken right now, you'll have to use control instead. I'll try to fix using Alt for the next beta.

- Michael