MoI MultiDoc viewport

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, I kind of doubt that MoI will go to a multiple document interface in the future - there has actually been a general trend away from that kind of UI over the past decade or so (with a few notable exceptions such as with web browsers).

One of the big shifts happened when MS Office moved away from that for the default UI.

The MDI interface tends to have some aspects to it that are just generally confusing, things like multiple window close buttons that do different things (particularly bad when the child windows are maximized so the close buttons are right next to one another), and duplication of some of the operating system window management functions within the app.

Also in MoI's case MoI actually already uses multiple child windows for viewports, so adding another level of multiple windows for documents as well is getting kind of complicated with more than one kind of window control.

Some info on some of these issues here:

> Itis just a bit smoother to work with rather than using the windows taskbar.

Are you running on Windows 7 or on an earlier Windows version? There has been a pretty big overhaul of the taskbar in Win7.

- Michael