Drill down pick with Scene Browser

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr,

> Here i have a solid cube. I drill select these 2 faces and apply a style...

Ok, so at this point you have 2 faces selected - this means that you are already in drill down sub-object selection mode but it is targeting faces and not edges since you have selected a face. If you move your mouse over the model now you will see faces highlight and not edges.

> As a solid, this will leave the edges of the faces at the parent style...
> If I use the Scene Browser Style area to select the style, I cant get
> a second edge pick....

Ok - so now when you say you're using the Scene Browser Style area to select "the style", do you mean the style you just assigned those faces to? If so then that means the selection did not actually change, you've got just those 2 faces assigned to the style and when you selected the style it selected those 2 faces, so you're still in drill-down mode but for faces not edges.

If you want to drill down to edges instead of faces, you need to first clear the selection (click in an empty area of push the Esc key) which will get you out of face drill-down, then select the cube again with 1 click to do "whole object selection", and then you will be able to drill-down again to either faces or edges.

> My issue I would like to handle would be this face style
> selection on a solid, then have the ability to apply this style to
> the edges of those faces to match, "After" the fact....

This script might help:

script: /* switch selection from a face to its edges */ var gd = moi.geometryDatabase; var faces = gd.getSelectedObjects().getFaces(); gd.deselectAll(); for ( var i = 0; i < faces.length; ++i ) faces.item(i).getEdges().setProperty( 'selected', true );

That script switches selection from a selected face to its edges.

So for your case for example, after you have your faces selected (either from their intiail selection or by using the Scene browser Style section to select them), trigger that script and then the edges that belong to those faces will get selected and you can then apply the style to them.

I guess it might also be possible to make a script that assigned the edge styles directly in the script, but when you have a joined edge there can be faces of 2 different styles that are attached to that edge, so I'm not sure how the script would decide which of those should win...

- Michael