Drill down pick with Scene Browser

 From:  BurrMan
Hello Michael..

Could you expound on the drill down method used with the scene browser..

Here i have a solid cube. I drill select these 2 faces and apply a style... As a solid, this will leave the edges of the faces at the parent style... If I use the Scene Browser Style area to select the style, I cant get a second edge pick.... I suppose this is because the selection is already in "drill down" and also the edges are still shared edges.. If I run seperate on the solid and completely seperate all the surfaces, then do the style selection "and" click on a particualr surface, then i get the edge drill down for that surface only...

My issue I would like to handle would be this face style selection on a solid, then have the ability to apply this style to the edges of those faces to match, "After" the fact.... It could be handled up front by seperating my solid into surfaces before i do the face style application, which would apply the style to the edges in question, but would like to do the after the fact method also.

I was trying to remember a script that dealt with applying the parent/child style relation to the selected objects but couldnt recall it... Is this the method I am looking for?


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